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Welcome to HowToDrawAnimals.Net, your one-stop resource for learning how to draw animals of all kinds from an expert.

Founded in 2010 by renowned art educator Tom Maple, our step-by-step drawing guides have helped over a million people of all ages discover their inner artist. To this day, Tom is still involved in the daily operation of this amazing website and is continually adding new drawing lessons each week.

Tom brings over 35 years of experience teaching art to students of all ages. He began his career in 1975 as an middle school art teacher in suburban Ohio, where he developed innovative hands-on drawing and illustrating projects to spark creativity. Recognizing that drawing can seem intimidating, Tom pioneered a simple 6-step method that breaks down even complex subjects into basic shapes (and squiggles).

In the 1980s, Tom’s passion for art education led him to travel the world, sharing his techniques with teachers in more than 10 countries. He authored several books on teaching drawing fundamentals during this time. In recognition of his contributions, Tom was named Art Educator of the Year!

After retiring from the classroom in 2009, Tom wanted to help more people experience the joy of drawing. He launched HowToDrawAnimals.Net to make his step-by-step guides widely accessible online. Over a decade later, Tom has personally illustrated and written tutorials for hundreds of animals on the site, from ants and angelfish to wolves and zebras.

Outside of his career in art education, Tom is a devoted family man. He has been happily married to his wife Susan for 40 years. Together they have three children and seven young grandchildren, who help keep Tom feeling young at heart. In his free time, Tom enjoys spending weekends boating on the lake near his home, golfing with friends, and hiking local trails with his grandchildren. He also loves curling up with a good book, especially biographies of other artists.

Today, HowToDrawAnimals.Net is owned and operated by Ohm Row Digital LLC, but as mentioned earlier Tom Maple is still the chief author, illustrator and creative genius behind the website!

We hope HowToDrawAnimals.Net inspires you the way Tom has inspired generations of students and artists. Most of all, we hope you have fun learning from a true master of the craft.

We’d love to hear from you, our devoted drawing fans! PLEASE feel free to reach out to us – check out our Contact Us page to learn how.

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