how to draw a buffalo

In this drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw a Buffalo in 6 easy steps. This step by step drawing lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the Buffalo. Simply draw the red lines in each step of the How To Draw a Buffalo tutorial, then as you move to the next step the previously drawn lines will be shown as black. It’s that simple – lets get drawing!

Here are some interesting facts about the Buffalo you might find interesting.

  • Buffalo, or Bison, are large, horned mammals found in Africa, Asia, and North America, known for their shaggy coats and impressive horns.
  • They are herbivores that graze on grass and have a strong herding instinct, often living in groups called herds.
  • Buffalos have excellent memories and can recognize individual members within their herds.
  • A group of buffalos is called an obstinacy or herd.
  • They are excellent swimmers and can cross rivers and lakes to find better grazing areas.
  • The African buffalo is considered one of the “big five” animals in Africa, known for its strength and unpredictable behavior.
  • Buffalos have a strong sense of smell and good hearing, which helps them detect predators.
  • The American bison, often referred to as buffalo, is the largest mammal in North America.
  • Buffalos use their large, curved horns for defense and to establish dominance within the herd.
  • Buffalos communicate through various vocalizations and body language to convey information within the herd.

Here’s a BONUS video of our How To Draw a Buffalo easy drawing lesson

You can follow along with the video or use the simple drawing steps below the video as a guide!

How To Draw a Buffalo – EASY 6-Step Drawing Guide!

The following 6 steps will show you how to draw a simple Buffalo. You can even color or shade your buffalo using the real life picture of a bison at the end of this lesson.

Step 1: Draw the beginning section of the Buffalo’s face.

how to draw a buffalo

Step 2: Sketch the upper body lines and add the Buffalo’s beard and lower neck.

how to draw a buffalo

Step 3: Add the beginning step to the Buffalo’s front legs and complete the first section of it’s rear leg.

how to draw a buffalo

Step 4: Draw in the tail and front hoof.

how to draw a buffalo

Step 5: Draw in the body detail using a vertical line and add in the secondary front leg.

how to draw a buffalo

Step 6: Draw the final rear leg and add the final front hoof and you have completed the drawing of a Buffalo.

how to draw a buffalo

Well done! Now, look at the picture below to help you shade or color your drawing of a buffalo! You can make it as realistic and life-like as you wish. Thanks for learning How To Draw a Buffalo with HowToDrawAnimals.Net!

how to draw buffalo


You did it! Congratulations on drawing a Buffalo!  Your first try may not have gone as perfectly as you had hoped, but I’m sure after another attempt or two you will see a big improvement. The best way to learn how to draw a buffalo is with practice…practice…practice!

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