crocodile drawing

In this drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw a Crocodile in 9 easy steps. This step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the Crocodile. Simply draw the red lines in each of the steps below, then in no time at all you’ll have a drawing of a croc!

Before we begin the How To Draw a Crocodile drawing lesson, here are some interesting facts about the Crocodile you might find interesting.

  • Crocodiles are large, aquatic reptiles found in tropical and subtropical regions across the world known for their powerful jaws and armored bodies.
  • They have long, V-shaped snouts, sharp teeth, and tough, scaly skin that provides protection from predators and helps regulate body temperature.
  • Crocodiles are excellent swimmers and can move swiftly both in water and on land using their muscular tails and webbed feet.
  • These reptiles are carnivorous and feed on fish, birds, mammals, and other animals that come to the water’s edge to drink.
  • Crocodiles are ancient creatures that have remained virtually unchanged for millions of years.
  • They are known for their ability to remain motionless for long periods, waiting for prey to come close before launching a surprise attack.
  • Female crocodiles build mound nests and lay eggs, which they guard fiercely until hatching.
  • Young crocodiles make high-pitched noises to communicate with their mothers and siblings.
  • Crocodiles play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of their ecosystems by controlling fish populations and scavenging on carrion.
  • Crocodiles have been the subject of fascination and fear for humans throughout history, inspiring stories, myths, and legends across many cultures around the world.

Here’s a BONUS video of our How To Draw a Crocodile easy drawing lesson

You can follow along with the video or use the simple drawing steps below the video as a guide!

How To Draw A Crocodile – Easy Step-By-Step Drawing Guide

Step 1: Begin by drawing the croc’s snout and nose.

how to draw a crocodile

Step 2: Continue drawing the back towards the tail.

how to craw a crocodile

Step 3: Draw in the underside of the tail.

how to craw a crocodile

Step 4: Draw a Y shape in the center of the reptile’s body.

how to craw a crocodile

Step 5: Draw the start of the legs and feet.

how to craw a crocodile

Step 6: Sketch the front right foot.

how to craw a crocodile

Step 7: Draw the mouth line and eyes.

how to craw a crocodile

Step 8: Add the details to the body and tail sections.

how to craw a crocodile

Step 9: Draw in the teeth and body details to finish the Crocodile.

how to craw a crocodile

Well done! With the How To Draw a Crocodile drawing lesson complete, now you can color or shade in your croc drawing using the picture below as a reference. Enjoy!

how to draw a croc


You did it! Congratulations on drawing a Croc!  Your first try may not have gone as perfectly as you had hoped, but I’m sure after another attempt or two you will see a big improvement. The best way to learn how to draw a crocodile is with practice…practice…practice!

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