How To Draw a Sloth

how to draw a sloth

In this drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw a Sloth in 6 easy steps. This step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of a sloth. Simply follow along with each step, drawing the portion shown in red for each step of the how to draw a sloth tutorial. Then, in just a few minutes you’ll have a simple and easy sloth drawing!

Before we begin the How To Draw a Sloth drawing lesson, here are some fun facts about sloths you might find interesting, especially for kids.

  • Sloths have shaggy fur coats that are greenish-gray. This fur helps them blend into the rainforest canopy.
  • Sloths have very long, strong, claws that they use to hang from tree branches and to move slowly through the trees.
  • There are two types of sloths – two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths. They can be distinguished by the number of toes on their front limbs.
  • Sloths are herbivores that eat leaves, buds and fruits. Their slow digestion allows gut bacteria to break down plant matter.
  • Sloths spend most of their time hanging upside down from tree limbs due to the large amount of energy it takes to move on the ground.
  • Despite appearing lazy, sloths are well adapted for survival in the rainforest and can swim if they fall out of trees.
  • Baby sloths grasp onto their mother’s fur for protection and transportation as they develop.
  • Sloths have a low metabolism and heart rate and can survive falls from trees that would harm other animals.
  • Their fur grows in the opposite direction to help shed rainwater due to the amount of time spent in trees.
  • Sloths play an important role in seed dispersal for tropical trees as seeds pass through their digestive systems.

How To Draw a Sloth – Easy Step-by-Step Drawing Guide

Step 1: Begin by drawing the head of the sloth.

how to draw a sloth

Step 2: Draw the portion of the arms.

how to draw a sloth

Step 3: Now you can draw the other side of the arms and the back.

how to draw a sloth

Step 4: Finish drawing the arms.

how to draw a sloth

Step 5: Sketch in a tree branch for the sloth to hang from.

how to draw a sloth

Step 6: Draw the eyes and face details, and don’t forget the three toes!

how to draw a sloth

Well Done! Now that you’ve completed How To Draw a Sloth, consider adding some shading or coloring to make your tree climber look realistic! Use the picture below as a guide to shade or color your sloth drawing. Remember, sloths move slow and you should too when you’re practicing your drawing skills!

three toed sloth drawing


You did it! Congratulations on drawing a Sloth! Your first try may not have gone as smoothly as you had hoped, but I’m sure after another attempt or two you will see a big improvement. The best way to learn how to draw a sloth is with practice…practice…practice!

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