how to draw a surgeon fish

In this drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw a Surgeon Fish in 6 easy steps. This step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of a surgeonfish. Follow along with the how to draw a surgeon fish drawing guide below by sketching the red portion of each of the six steps, super easy!

Before we begin the How To Draw a Surgeon Fish drawing lesson, here are some fun facts about surgeonfish you might find interesting, especially for kids.

  • Surgeonfish are tropical marine fish known for their distinctive shape and sharp, scalpel-like spines near their tails.
  • These fish get their name from the surgical precision of their spines, which can inflict serious wounds if handled carelessly.
  • Surgeonfish are typically bright in color, with shades of yellow, blue, and black being common among different species.
  • These marine creatures are herbivores and primarily feed on algae growing on coral reefs and rocky outcroppings.
  • Surgeonfish play a crucial role in maintaining the health of coral reef ecosystems by grazing on excess algae growth.
  • These fish are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day and tend to hide in coral crevices or among rocks at night.
  • Surgeonfish are found in warm, tropical waters around the world, particularly in the Caribbean Sea and the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Many species of surgeonfish live in social groups and exhibit intricate courtship behaviors during the breeding season.
  • Surgeon fish have excellent eyesight and use visual cues to navigate their coral reef habitats and identify potential threats.
  • Surgeonfish are popular aquarium fish due to their vibrant colors, interesting behaviors, and relatively small size compared to other marine species.

How To Draw a Surgeon Fish – Quick and Easy Step-by-Step Drawing Guide

Step 1: Begin by drawing the underside of the fish.

how to draw a surgeonfish

Step 2: Draw the top of the back next.

how to draw a surgeon fish

Step 3: Now you can draw the tail and lower fin.

how to draw a surgeon fish

Step 4: Draw the surgeonfish’s tail detail and add another fin.

how to draw a surgeon fish

Step 5: Sketch in the gills and mouth next.

how to draw a surgeon fish

Step 6: Finally, draw the eyes, lips and facial features.

how to draw a surgeon fish

Nice work, now that you’ve completed How To Draw a Surgeon Fish, considering adding some shading or coloring to make your small fish look realistic! Use the picture below as a guide to shade or color your easy Surgeonfish drawing.

easy surgeon fish drawing guide


You did it! Congratulations on drawing a Surgeonfish! Your first try may not have gone as perfectly as you had hoped, but I’m sure after another attempt or two you will see a big improvement. The best way to learn how to draw a surgeon fish is with practice!

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