How To Draw an Ant

how to draw an ant

In this drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw an Ant in 6 easy steps. This step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the ant. In each step, draw the lines that are shown in red. Then as you move along, the lines you have already drawn will show up as black in the next step. Have fun!

Before we get going on the ant drawing how to, here are some interesting facts about the Ant you might not have known are:

  • The Ant has an elbowed antennae and a distinctive node – like structure that forms a slender waist.
  • Ants form colonies that range in size from hundreds to 100’s of thousands of ants.
  • Ants exist every where on the earth, except in Antarctica and some remote islands.
  • Every ant colony has a lot of workers or soldiers, a few drones and a queen (or in some cases a few queens).
  • Ant societies run on the division of labor, on communication between individuals, and the ability to solve complex problems.

Here’s a BONUS Video of Our How To Draw an Ant Easy Drawing Lesson

You can follow along with the video or use the simple drawing steps below the video as a guide!

How To Draw an Ant – EASY 6-Step Drawing Lesson

In this lesson we’ll show you how to draw a basic Ant in 6 steps.

Step 1: Draw the head of the ant.

how to draw an ant

Step 2: Behind the ant’s head, draw the first segment of the ant body.

how to draw an ant

Step 3: Draw the 2nd segment of the ant’s body and add the legs.

how to draw an ant

Step 4: Draw more details to the head and sketch some additional legs.

how to draw an ant

Step 5: Sketch in the Eye, Add the antennae and some more details to the body.

how to draw an ant

Step 6: Finalize the legs by giving them some width and dimension.

how to draw an ant

Well done! You’ve completed the How To Draw an Ant drawing lesson! Let’s get creative and add some color or shading to your ant drawing to give a true life-like appearance!

ant drawing how to


You did it! Congratulations on drawing an ANT! Your first try may not have gone as smoothly as you had hoped, but I’m pretty sure after another attempt or two you saw a big improvement. The best way to learn how to draw an ant is with practice.

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