How To Draw Farm Animals

My Grandparents owned a farm in Nebraska so growing up I was exposed to almost all of these animals. Building this book was a lot of fun, especially coming up with the different animals and putting together the 6 step lesson for each animal. We hope you enjoy this book as much as we had putting it together.

The How To Draw Farm Animals book (a $9.95 value)  is a FREE Bonus which is part of the How To Draw Animal collection. To learn more about how to get this Bonus book and 350+ more animal drawing lessons please visit the homepage.

Instant Download (Learn to Draw the most popular Farm Animals)

Learn to draw these Farm Animals in 6 easy steps using the lessons in this Bonus Book. This book is available for immediate download as a PDF, print as many copies as you wish.

  1. Bison
  2. Bull
    How To Draw a Bull
  3. Cat
    How To Draw a Cat
  4. Chicken
    How To Draw a Chicken
  5. Cow
    How To Draw a Cow
  6. Deer
    How to draw a deer
  7. Dog
    How to draw a dog
  8. Donkey
    How to draw a donkey
  9. Duck
    How to draw a duck
  10. Goat
    How to draw a goat
  11. Goose
    How to draw a goose
  12. Horse
    How to draw a horse
  13. Llama
    How to draw a Llama
  14. Rabbit
    How to draw a rabbit
  15. Rooster
    How to draw a rooster
  16. Sheep
    How to draw a sheep
  17. Turkey
    How to draw a turkey

The How To Draw Farm Animals book is 1 of 5 books you get for FREE as a bonus to the How To Draw 200 Animals ebook. All of our books feature a 6 step lesson to learn how to draw any of the 350+ animals. Each book is available for immediate download and can be printed on any standard printer. We recommend you print each book in color, each step is color coded indicating what part you should draw next. This makes is simple for anyone to follow each step by step lesson.

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